The Great Northern Pacific Railroad in O Scale.



Wow...Well yes, the layout is down. We decided to build a new home. New home is complete and we took ownership of it last week. Layout room is 25' x 25' with a 12'x 15' area for workroom and recreation area. Great Northern and NP Engines going on the shelves for this layout. Going to dual guage D&RGW. The GNP took 48 months to get it to where you see it in this site. Took 48 hours to come down. As we have not sold our current home yet, we are doing the two mortgage thing, so that is "interesting" to say the least. I am keeping this website up and running, to update my friends sites, and then eventually will have pics of the new layout construction and entire process. A picture of the rear of the new house is below. Layout room encompases the bottom floor, mostly center to right side of house. The shot is a view of the rear of the home. Thanks again, sorry for the lack of communication. Just been hectic. Maybe see some of your in Chicago next month.

For you motorcycle fans: My 2003 FXST Harley Davidson.

Rear of new home. Layout room is off patio and below deck area.

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This web page will document my O scale model railroad. I started to build this layout on February 5, 2001. It is my first layout. It is a small layout for O scale, but more than adequate for one person to handle. I hope you enjoy this page and continue to return; as I make progress on the layout I will update this page with new pictures and info. This is my first pass at creating a web site, so I hope I can enhance the features as I go as well.


Special Thanks and History

I wanted to mention 3 people who have helped me in this hobby over the years. Without their help and friendship, I would not be the modeler I am today. They are the best modelers I have been lucky enough to know. Thanks to:
  • Edward Luczak (yep, my dad)- Sn3; & can't forget mom, she let us stay in the basement forever!
  • Gary Engle - O scale
  • Chris Christoff - Oscale

They have taught me so much about the hobby over the years, things that a person cannot read in a book. Thanks guys.

I started in O scale in February of 1997. The first engine I owned was an Oriental Great Northern N3, 2-8-8-0. I consider myself being a model railroader for most of my 33 years. My father has always had a layout in the basement of their home. HO, Sn3, On3 and finally back to Sn3 today. Of course there were a couple large Lionel layouts for me mixed in there. I too dabbled in HOn3 and Sn3. Then I made a trip to Gary Engle's House and was hooked on O scale. I love steam engines and the era. Not too common for a "younger" modeler, at least I think so. In 2001 my wife and I finally purchased a home with a room above the garage. I think the layout benchwork was up before we actually were all moved in! (yea I have a very understanding wife) I was/am pretty excited about the layout. Small by O scale standards, but hey, you have to have dreams! Most of the motive power is steam. Most are either NP or GN. So please sit back, relax and enjoy my version of the great northwest railroads.

Layout Track Plan/Design

Have received a lot of requests for the track plan..


The layout was designed by my father. He has designed a few in his day, and still continues to do so. If you interested in getting a layout design done, he would be more than willing to do so. He can be reached at his email address. Great Prices too!

Comments on web site can be left at my e-mail address.

Layout Details

On to the New Pictures

If you wish to view the OLD PICTURE PAGE. CLICK HERE.

If you wish to view my friends layout pictures click ON MY FRIENDS LAYOUTS.

Photo #1 NP Power Getting Serviced.


Photo #1a Converted Lionel TOFC Car

Photo #1b Pair of Lionel TOFC Piggy Back Cars.

Photo #1c Great Northern O8.

Photo #2 Slow day at the Icing Station.

Photo #3 #4000 Needs a Drink of Fuel Oil.

Photo #3a NP W3 at the pens

Photo #4 GN Speeder on the Main Line.


Photo #6 Harley Davidson Oil Deliveries.

Photo #7 Kozaks' Machine Shop.

Photo #8 Rich Yoder Container Gondola! Super!

Photo #9 NP Mikado - W3.

Photo #10 New Bordens Reefer.

Photo #11 GN S2.

Photo #12 GN O8 on caboose hop.

Photo #13 GN Challenger Class! Z6.

Photo #14 Great Northern N3.

Photo #15 More Lumber has been Delivered for the Roof.


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